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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Former Criminals Get Jobs, Training in Donald Trump's Go-Go Economy

Baltimore construction firms are training and hiring hundreds of ex-convicts because they cannot hire enough migrants in President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economy.

Project Jumpstart “is a training program that prepares Baltimore residents for work in construction,” says a CNBC report:

It’s a 90-hour course designed to get workers ready for the realities of the construction job site. Classes are held twice a week and students receive a $25 stipend for each class. If they are late, however, they lose the stipend, and on the third absence they are out of the program, according to placement director Kate McShane.

McShane says 75 percent of participants have some acquaintance with the criminal justice system.

The project has placed roughly 650 graduates into jobs at more than 150 companies around Baltimore, which is still suffering from a massive crime wave that began when President Barack Obama began his anti-police campaign in 2014.


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Zorro said...

this is a good concept

may keep some out of jail