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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Trump Stops Missouri Rally for 8 Minutes After Woman Faints...Crowd Sings Amazing Grace!


Anonymous said...

Dave T: Three cheers for these patriots !

Anonymous said...

I promise you, you will never, NEVER, see that at a liberal campaign stop! Yeah, we're all about hate. Scoff!

Mom says he's a con artist. I find mother is finally going senile. Even she is starting to now think so. She says Fox News is sponsored by the gov't., yet CNN is aired in every airport.

Even with the Dems controlling the house, I can see that is enough to tone down the insanity of the left. So, the nation threw them a bone, and they will chew the hell out of it, wear it out, and will have nothing left come 2020. Hopefully, the left will start looking for jobs now, rather than being professional protesters.

Finally, good bye, Jim. The dozen smear flyers you sent us really didn't work for you, did it? You wore out your welcome. Time to enjoy retirement.

lmclain said...

Some democrats heard that song and dropped dead. Others caught on fire.
Praise Jesus and people of faith!!