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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

SINCE 1742
Reggie T. Mason

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release

            SNOW HILL- On September 24th, 2018 a grand jury was empaneled by The Office of The State’s Attorney for Worcester County where evidence and testimony were presented by Interim State’s Attorney Bill McDermott that resulted in indictments being returned by the grand jury charging Michael Cori Cluster, 34, of Berlin, Maryland along with John Harrison, 30, of Berlin, Maryland with the following charges; possession of a marijuana in an amount greater than ten grams, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance structure for the purpose of distributing marijuana.

            Both Mr. Cluster and Mr. Harrison were taken into custody pursuant to arrest warrants that were requested by The Office of the State’s Attorney.

            These charges were the result of an extensive investigation conducted by the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team with the Ocean City Police Department Narcotics Unit assisting. Pursuant to this investigation, multiple search warrants were executed at various locations throughout Worcester County on September 18th, 2018.

            These search warrants yielded multiple seizures of evidentiary value. Notably, one such search warrant was executed at a location where there was a 30x60 recently built agricultural shed. Inside of that shed was a sophisticated marijuana grow operation that was utilizing technologically advanced agricultural techniques designed to maximize the amount of marijuana produced at that location. Due to the vast amount of mature plants recovered, along with the complex nature of the grow facility the entire facility was seized and secured.

            Trial dates will be set in the Circuit Court for Worcester County.


Anonymous said...

Leave the greenhouses alone unless there's proof of an illegal grow. If that's the case let us know when the property will be auctioned.

Anonymous said...

"Since 1742."

Why is that even relevant to today?

Are we to be reminded of the lies o the Sheriff of Nottingham, or the patently corrupt and murdering sheriffs' office under the control of racist, sexist tools of local and state governments throughout the nation, especially south of the Mason-Dixon Line (which is just a few miles north of Salisbury, Maryland?

Anonymous said...

1742. Wasn't that was when slavery was a part of every name of every plantation on Delmarva?

Let's go through the slave names taken by those kidnapped by Muslims and sold to alleged Christians in the American colonies, shall we?

Adkins, Tilghman, Cannon, Pinkett, etc., etc. All slave names of current black Salisbury area natives. Point to a one of them who has become a success, and then to those who have become tools of white people for profit.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, too scary.

Do you mean that the Cannon family has kept the slavery concept going for over a hundred and two hundred and fifty years by offering crappy housing to black people since 1865?
Sure looks like it, just follow Shanie Shieds' family ties and let us know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. 3:48 is right.

Anonymous said...

So anybody can go to a doctor, claim any number of undiagnosable ailments, get permission to buy a marijuana card from the state, take that card to the local licensed distributer (who in this state seems to always be a friend or relative of a politician), purchase marijuana, transport marijuana and use marijuana.
It sounds to me like the Wocester County Criminal Enforcement team and the Ocean City Narcotics Unit spent a ton of money and time on an "extensive investigation" to eliminate their bosses friends competition.

Anonymous said...

How extensive an investigation do you need to get a search warrant for a shed? How can it be possible to have an illegal plant? Can other plants be illegal? Can a forest have an illegal tree? We should make poison ivy illegal. Can an ocean contain illegal fish? All those volcanos in Hawaii. It should be illegal for that lava to get so hot.