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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Tulane Mandates New Students Take "Race & Inclusion" Course

Tulane University now requires all incoming students to enroll in a “Race and Inclusion” course, a new addition to the curriculum that has been condemned by some students for its lack of acknowledgment of viewpoint diversity.

In a recent press release, Tulane announced that all new enrollees will be mandated to enroll in a course that focuses at least 60 percent of it content on “race and inclusion” to help students understand the “increasingly diverse society” they live in.

Courses such as “Dear White People,” “Critical Race Theory,” “Introduction to Fiction: Race and Inclusion,” and “Difference and Inequality” all fit the "Race and Inclusion" course requirement, according to the school’s course search and Campus Reform’s phone calls with to professors.

Professor Michael Cunningham, who advocated for the new requirement but won’t be teaching any of the classes, told Campus Reform that the new requirement was partially prompted by students’ disappointment with the lack of diversity engagement on campus.

“One of the reasons that students reported a desire to attend to Tulane was because of the perceived diversity,” wrote Cunningham by email on Wednesday. “Many students reported that their perceptions were not met when they got to campus.”


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