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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Duncan: Not in Trump's 'Best Interest to Have a Well-Educated Citizenry'

WASHINGTON – Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who served in the Obama administration, argued that the U.S. does not “value our kids the way other nations do” and that Americans “value our guns more than we value our children.”

Duncan named Australia, Canada, England and Japan as other countries that do not have the same level of gun violence when compared to the U.S.

“We don’t lack the intellect; we lack the political will and courage to keep our kids safe. In fact, we’ve now raised a generation of teens on mass shootings and gun violence,” Duncan, author of the new book How Schools Work: An Inside Account of Failure and Success from One of the Nation's Longest-Serving Secretaries of Education, said on Thursday at the National Press Club.

“So, for me, the lie here is you’ll never find anyone who says we don’t value kids. Everyone says we value our kids, but I would argue we actually don’t and we allow them to die and we allow them to live with a level of trauma and fear and terror that doesn’t happen in other countries – that’s a choice that we, as Americans, tragically make,” added Duncan, whose wife is originally from Australia.



Anonymous said...

Male or female thats why this person is the FORMER education secretary!

Anonymous said...

Duncan played hoops with B H Soetoro as adults. They were both appointed to Education Management committee in Chicago, which then as now has totally horrible public schools. B H Soetoro appointed him Secy of Education. 8 years of backward progress under their guidance. He's still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

The eight years that Obama rode herd on the U.S. were a waste of everyone's time and money. In twenty years, many people will look back and find an eight year gap in their memories.

lmclain said...

We are FREE, too.
Don't forget THAT.

Those other mentioned countries??