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Monday, August 06, 2018

Nolte: Establishment Media Normalize Racism and Hate

The establishment media are now on a crusade to normalize violence, racism, and hate against supporters of President Trump.

This all began with Jeff Zucker’s takeover of the far-left cable channel CNN. With Zucker in control, and with the use of straight-up lies to intentionally whip up hate and violence — violence and hate became CNN’s brand; and the results in Baltimore and Ferguson were beyond tragic, especially for the predominantly black, working class residents of those two burnt-out cities.

As Ferguson and Baltimore burned, so did the media’s hatred against police officers. CNN and others all but announced open season on the cops, and as the blue bodies piled up, CNN not only declared this violence “very courageous and brave,” CNN told us the cause was unstable military veterans becoming police officers.

Donald Trump’s political ascendency offered CNN a whole new target of hate. CNN regularly encouraged the idea Trump was a George Wallace (whose presidential aspirations were stopped with an assassination attempt) and argued that the unprecedented violence against Trump supporters was either legitimate or Trump’s fault.

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Anonymous said...

Way to put it into words. Well said.
They blame the racism and divided country on Trump. If there's one thing he inherited from Obama, it was a divided country.