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Monday, August 06, 2018

NY Man Left Voicemail Threatening Steve Scalise’s Children

A man hailing from Erie County, New York was arrested after allegedly leaving House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) a voice mail insinuating harm against his children in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies.

Carlos Bayon, a 63-year-old man residing in Grand Island, stands accused of issuing an interstate threat.

“Hey listen, this message is for you and the people that sent you there. You are taking ours, we are taking yours. Anytime, anywhere,” Bayon allegedly threatened Rep. Scalise on June 30.

"We know where they are.."

He continued:


Anonymous said...

New York and it's idiots!! We're experiencing first hand how far out there they are with Dan and Caroline Ohare

Anonymous said...

revolution? bring it on! these lib scum bags will be sitting in their parents basements crying!

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