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Monday, August 06, 2018

Delaware primary shows looming battle among Democrats over ‘Medicare for all’

Nearly 20-year incumbent Delaware Sen. Tom Carper is fervently working to fend off a progressive primary challenger making Carper’s reluctance to sign on to single-payer a pivotal issue.

Carper’s challenger in the Democratic primary is Kerri Harris, a community organizer and Air Force veteran who is running her first statewide campaign. Harris has attacked Carper from his left flank, and believes that her support for a single-payer “Medicare for all” system is a major advantage for her campaign.

“I think it is a defining issue,” she recently told the Washington Examiner on the race for the Democratic nomination. “It speaks across demographic lines as well as party lines. It is a unifying issue.”

The conflicts over "Medicare for all" in Harris and Carper's race could play out in similar primary contests across the country this season.

Harris has modeled her “Medicare for all” plan similar to the one introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., last year. The plan would replace private insurance with a federally-run system, and have the federal government bear the costs for providing insurance to all Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Mistake.. The insurance industry will be frantic in oppositon.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked this Socialist how it is to be paid for?? People have totally lost all their common sense. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK! Ask Venzelua how it worked for them.

Anonymous said...

They need to speak for themselves. Some of us Americans don't want their "Medicare For All." Let the peons have it. Let them go through the same thing the veterans did before President Trump fixed that fiasco where veterans would have to wait weeks for healthcare.
Some of us made good decisions in life, sacrificed, were and are responsible and can now pay for our top of the line private health insurance.

Anonymous said...

MD 37b Dan Ohare's same position. Don't vote for this lunatic he thinks everything should be free for everyone. This mainly includes those that are here illegally. How can anyone with ANY common sense think this will work??

Anonymous said...

Thats it 11:35. Its not supposed to work. It is planned to allow many to die. This is just another deceptive campaign by the luciferians running the democrats and RINOs. A vote for the mass deception of democrats/Rinos is a vote for the death of america!!