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Monday, August 20, 2018

Nearly All Criminal Foreigners in U.S. Are from Central, South America

Nearly all of the criminal illegal and legal immigrants incarcerated in American prisons derive from six countries in Central and South America.

The newest Government Accountability Office (GAO) report reveals how mass immigration to the United States from primarily Central America is leading to a booming foreign incarcerated population from the region.

Between Fiscal Year 2011 and 2016, about 91 percent of all criminal illegal and legal immigrants in federal U.S. prisons were nationals from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Guatemala.

There are now close to 40,000 criminal illegal and legal immigrants incarcerated in federal prisons across the country, making up about 21 percent of the total federal prison population.



Anonymous said...

74% of immigrants are from central and south america. Common sense says they would make up a majority of the criminals relative to other countries of origin especially simce they have lower barriers to entry. This is just another lame attempt to throw the criminal label on these folks.

Anonymous said...

As Trump said, they are all criminals!

Anonymous said...

Article forgot about all of the Israeli criminals