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Monday, August 20, 2018

Man arrested for drive-by killing of seven-year-old Baltimore girl who went out to get candy

The mother of a slayed seven-year-old Baltimore girl, who was the victim of an apparent drive-by shooting last month, has appealed for 'killing to stop'.

Shanika Hayes' daughter Taylor Hayes was shot on July 5 and died two weeks later.

The little girl left behind two brothers and three sisters.

During a press conference televised onWJZ Friday where police revealed two people had been arrested, the emotional mother tried to hold back tears as she urged those listening to help make the murders end.

'It's crazy that I'm here because of this. I lost my daughter. They've still got their kids, I don't have my seven-year-old daughter anymore,' she said. 'All the killing has got to stop, it has to. Kids getting killed, I'll never see my child again, ever.'



Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to that mother. The pain of losing a child is unimaginable to me.
That said, what will happen next is a candlelight vigil; reverends will be coming out of the woodwork at the funeral decrying the murder; everybody will say "the killing has to stop".
The following day they will go back to hating the police, and allowing open-market drug sales in their neighborhoods.
Leadership is the answer. There is none - and hasn't been any - for many, many years in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

So where is black lives matter on this? Sharpton? No where in sight because the truth is black live do NOT matter to blacks unless they can make it a racial issue.

Anonymous said...

Riots? Marches? BLM protest riots? Mayor? Police Chief? CNN? Mainstream media? Clinton ? Obama? Maryland Democrats? SA? Silent. If the monster was white the city would burn to the ground! Agenda out rage.

Anonymous said...

The mother was dealing drugs with her 7 year old in the car. She put her daughter's life in jeopardy. She's directly responsible for her daughter's death, charge her!

Anonymous said...

Fat slob so called mother was drug dealing when the child was killed. The vehicle was targeted. It just wasn't a stray bullet. And who does the fat slob drug dealer so called mother think she is fooling. Typical of them to lie. This child meant nothing to her. But now in death she thinks she can profit off the death she is speaking out. It's gross how low the black communities have sunk. They could care less about the death of this child and if they say they do they are only getting to that lying they do constantly. Hold your stupid prayer vigil God isn't going to help you. He is only going to continue to punish this race that has sunk so low into the sea of depravity it's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

LOL went out to get candy? Good God can't these people ever stop with their constant lying. It's no wonder they are not blessed. They lie constantly. The mother WAS drug dealing and the car shot at on purpose. This little girl was taken by God to get her out of her misery of living with what amounts to nothing more then a whore drug dealer baby maker! Not that any blacks will call her out for lying. Very few are honest people themselves.

Anonymous said...

A 7 year old girl is dead, and my heart aches.

Everything else, all this out rage and finger pointing and blame shaming... none of it solves problems, and a 7 year old girl is dead.

What was she guilty of? While you all squabble over who is to blame... a 7 year old is dead.

What are YOU doing about it? Instead of blaming... how about coming up with a solution.. how about get involved?

Too many children dying...