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Saturday, May 12, 2018

News in Numbers


MAY 11, 2018
The year by which all new homes built in California will have to run on solar power. 

91 percent

MAY 10, 2018
The percentage of homes in the Miami area that teachers cannot afford. The county of Miami-Dade has proposed building housing for teachers on school property to deal with the problem.

4.4 percent

MAY 9, 2018
The amount of Washington state's GDP growth in 2017. Due to its expanding e-commerce sector and a host of other factors, the state had the largest GDP increase in the country last year. 


MAY 8, 2018
The number of homes destroyed as of Sunday in Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano eruption. Five other structures were also destroyed. Residents have been evacuated from two remote, rural neighborhoods on the eastern edge of Hawaii Island where the lava is emerging from the fissures. An estimated 1,800 people live in the affected area, and many have sought housing in shelters, with friends or on surrounding islands. 

$7 billion

MAY 7, 2018
The amount of Detroit's liabilities it was able to unload in its historic bankruptcy. The city finally emerged from state financial oversight last week, five years after it declared what was then the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. The city plans to start repayments again in 2024 -- but its grasp on financial stability remains fragile. 

20 percent

MAY 4, 2018
The total overall pay raise Arizona teachers will be receiving over a two-year period. Teachers in the state have walked out of class all week to protest low pay and low school funding. Late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, the state legislature finally approved a pay raise deal for some (though not all) teachers. Gov. Doug Ducey signed the deal right away. The deal did not provide for new education funding or raises for non-instructional school staff, frustrating teachers. But most will reportedly end the strike to avoid jeopardizing public support.  

44 percent

MAY 3, 2018
The percentage of dockless shared bikes on the street, as compared to traditional station-based shared bikes. The introduction of dockless bikes into several cities last year more than doubled the number of shared bikes on the street, from 42,000 in 2016 to 100,000 in 2017. But while they were 44 percent of all shared bikes, dockless bikes made up just 4 percent of all shared bike trips last year.  


MAY 2, 2018
The median home price in previously redlined neighborhoods as of 2017. This is two-and-one-half times less than the median home price in the neighborhoods favored by 1930s federal lending policy.
More than 80 years ago, the government determined which neighborhoods it considered risky for federal mortgage loans, outlining the "riskiest" neighborhoods in red. The determining factor was largely race, regardless of the economic status of the residents. The gap in home values persists today -- and it's actually getting bigger. READ MORE

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