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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Trump at Indiana Rally: 'We Defend the Right to Self-Defense'

During a Thursday night rally in Elkhart, Indiana, Trump warned of Democrats’ relentless attacks on the Second Amendment and made clear that he and Republicans will “defend the right to self-defense.”

Trump said, “We defend the Second Amendment and don’t kid yourself, it is under siege.” He later added, “Never believe that your Second Amendment is not under siege. ”

He said these things to bolster his efforts in juxtaposing Democrats with Republicans, contrasting pro-gun control politicians with those who are fighting to defend the Second Amendment.

Trump said of himself and his party, “We defend the right to self-defense.” This statement gets down to fundamentals, as did so many statements he made last week during his speech at the NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas.


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Anonymous said...

Prove it and push the concealed weapons permit recipitcaltory bill to ratification.