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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Socialists Call For Abolishing Prisons

Some self-described socialist candidates running within the Democratic Party “advocate more extreme changes, such as abolishing the prison system,” the New York Times reports.

Sure enough, the Boston Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has a “Prison Abolition Working Group” that meets monthly. The national DSA Twitter account has tweeted “we need to abolish the prison system.” A resolution favoring the abolition of prisons reportedly passed last year at the DSA’s annual convention.

The Times report, which came in the form of a news article about increasing numbers of Democratic candidates embracing the socialist label, made me chuckle.

The chuckle wasn’t about the adverse political consequences this platform might have for the socialists. Those consequences will become clear once their opponents begin talking about the risks of violent rapists, murderers, wife beaters, and terrorists who now populate our prisons being unleashed on American cities. It would be an invitation to update attacks of the sort that were leveled back in the 1980s against Michael Dukakis for having furloughed Willie Horton.



Anonymous said...

They want the whole country to be a prison.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you hear what we want to do to cops

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Execution for felons in the public square is so much cheaper. Not to mention helping with over population and increasing the overall quality of the gene pool. I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

All in favor say aye. Now, take the released criminal home with you.

Anonymous said...

All being done in the name of Islam.

Anonymous said...

I am all for this IF, every incarcerated prisoner gets to go and live with a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they're speaking of the prison for profit system in which the owners of prisons do not want to rehabilitate inmates because that means less $$$ for them.