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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Nurse kept crash pad in college dorm for decades: suit

A 67-year-old man has been crashing in a Hunter College dorm room — among comely coeds — for nearly four decades, according to a new lawsuit by the university.

Derek DeFreitas has a permanent residence in Orange County. Yet he’s “maintained a dormitory room ‘crash pad’ at the Brookdale Residence Hall on East 25th Street and First Avenue” since 1980, a lawyer for Hunter says in the suit for his ouster.

The 14-story brick building was once a part of the Bellevue School of Nursing, but Hunter — which is associated with The City University of New York — now controls the property.

“DeFreitas refuses to leave his dormitory originally provided to him and other under a long-discontinued program dating to the 1960s that reserved a certain number of rooms for active Bellevue nurses,” the suit says.


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Anonymous said...

If he's gone this long undetected and done nothing wrong they should have just turned a blind eye.