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Saturday, March 03, 2018

DC High School Graduation Rate To Plummet From 73% To 42% After Massive Fraud Revealed

Far fewer seniors attending D.C. Public Schools are on track to earn their diplomas this June after a graduation fraud investigation revealed that one in three students passed high school in violation of city policy.

Data released Thursday by D.C. Public Schools show that just 42 percent of seniors are on track to graduate, vs. 73 percent in 2017. Meanwhile, 19 percent of students are considered "moderately off track," meaning they are failing one or two courses but could potentially earn a diploma through summer school or credit recovery programs.

Even if all 19% of "moderately off track" students receive diplomas, the graduate is still tracking 12 percentage points lower than last year.

The investigation into the fraud showed that students who were unqualified due to missing too many classes or improperly taking makeup classes were allowed to graduate.

Adding to the mess, over a quarter of freshmen have "withdrawn or transferred" out of the D.C. Public Schools system.

D.C. graduation rates reflect the percentage of students who receive their diplomas in four years. Twenty-six percent of students who started freshman year with the class of 2018 have either withdrawn or transferred out of the D.C. Public Schools system. The city still needs to determine how many of these students transferred to another school, and how many dropped out. -WaPo

Due to the investigation, this is the first year that the city has released graduation projections months before diplomas are handed out, so it's difficult to compare to previous years. According to the D.C. Public School system website, 77 percent of the student population is economically disadvantaged.



Anonymous said...

Education is not a priority in DC. Yesterday they just proved it when they unveiled and dedicated a statue to the crack head/lover of hookers, former Mayor and City Councilman Marion Barry...
By doing this they just showed what they consider a role model for their children.

Anonymous said...

77% of students there are considered "disadvantaged", but don't for a minute think that the remaining 23% are "advantaged".

Anonymous said...

how many are pulled to home school? No kid left behind has dumb down our education system. Allowing illegals has dumb down the system, and also broke it. ASK any teacher, some kids dont need to graduate. They are not ready for it. When they wake up realize school is the best part of their life, they can then go get a GED and try to move on.

Keeping gang bangers, thugs in school is a mistake.