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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Federally Funded Non-Profits Whine About Decline in Refugee Admissions and Revenues

The federally funded non-profits known as voluntary agencies (VOLAGs), who collectively have received more than $1 billion annually to resettle refugees, are whining now that refugee admissions, and their own associated revenues, are down dramatically during the first five months of FY 2018 under the Trump administration.

Despite a slight uptick in refugee admissions in February to 1,927, the total number of refugee admissions during the first five months of FY 2018, which began on October 1, is only 8,635, according to the State Department’s interactive website – the lowest number of refugee admissions for the first five months of a fiscal year in more than 15 years.

If the average monthly arrival rate of 1,727 during the first five months of FY 2018 continues at the same pace for the final seven months of the fiscal year, total refugee admissions for the 12 months of the full fiscal year will be under 21,000, less than half the ceiling number of 45,000 President Trump announced in September.

The nine VOLAGs, all of whom are almost entirely dependent on federal funding tied to the number of new refugee arrivals they resettle around the country through local affiliated agencies, are now in the midst of a cash crunch unheard of in the agency.

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Anonymous said...

Refugees ? WTF, what the hell.... we have homeless vietnam vets !

Anonymous said...

1:07 The real proverbial bite in the butt is, most aren’t refugees but merely immigrants. The [VOLAG] funding should stop immediately. They are nothing but provocateurs aiding the globalist agenda long term and the Communist One Party types, Russia and China now. Redundant huh? I see no immigration (infiltration) to China or Russia, nor any Islamitization, but the EU and America are quickly becoming the armpit of the world. They had a willing partner in the White House for 8 years. Saudi funded education, raised Muslim, sympathetic to the black “struggle” or cause, devoutly Marxist and he started a revolution. You and your beliefs, standards, morality, traditions, patriotism and religion have now become wrong. You are the problem and should be ashamed, assimilated, exiled or worse. It is ok for them to attack you now. We must be tolerant right? Because right is wrong is left. Pass it, then read it.
The truth of course is, you, we have been overrun by some seriously mislead people that have been uneducated in our tolerant liberal schools for the last 40 years. There are no rules or guidelines. Feelings matter. ( inside voices please ) We have been set up for failure as the world watches.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to guess that any 'refugees' that are resettled will not be in the neighborhoods of Obama, Pelosi, Barbra Streisand, Amy or Chuck Schumer, Debra Was-A-Man Schultz, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and so on.....

Anonymous said...

I agree. Stop it now. Let them go to another country. Use that billion for our vets.