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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ryan Blames John McCain for Tanking Obamacare Repeal

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) blamed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Fox Business on Tuesday for tanking Obamacare repeal.

Ryan told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, “Republicans passed the biggest entitlement reform package ever when we passed our healthcare bill. Unfortunately, somebody did this instead of that in the Senate, and it didn’t pass.”

“We have to get our other partners in government to be willing to do the kind of entitlement reform that we’re willing to do in the House,” Ryan added.

House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in 2017; however, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell failed to pass an Obamacare repeal package when Sen. McCain infamously voted against the “skinny” Obamacare repeal bill. Sen. McCain also opposed the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare block grant repeal proposal after the legislation nearly achieved a majority of support from Senate Republicans.



Anonymous said...

Keep fighting/pointing fingers amongst ourselves...that's real great!!! The party continues to fracture at its core!

Anonymous said...

Not to defend McCain but it was not a true repeal

Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks to every politician - I really appreciate the PENALTY I had to pay!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

McCain is a traitor, he was a traitor in vietnam, and he is here in the capital. The only reason this son of a bitch is even a senator was due to simithay for a maron, I mean a traitorous POW moron.

Anonymous said...

Mc Cain is a democrat.

Jim said...

The party was already fractured by people like McCain sabotaging our agenda.

Some finger-pointing is good-- point out the phoney conservatives.

Anonymous said...

McCain is not a war hero; he's a terrible fighter jet pilot who killed 166 sailors for releasing an armed bomb from his fighter while sitting on the carrier deck. And, he's a former P.O.W.
having allowed himself to be taken P.O.W. after he let himself be shot down by the enemy.

Anonymous said...

My family doesn't have health insurance and we need it. What was wrong with the appeal?

Anonymous said...

Sitting president is republican! Passed the biggest tax cut in 50 years. FAR FROM FRACTURED. Democrats YES. #MAGA

Anonymous said...

You voted clinton

Anonymous said...

Add to that: McCain's father was involved in faking the Gulf of Tonkin event.
His partner was Jim Morrison's father.

Interesting heh?

Both of them were stationed at one time in the secret facility at Laurel Canyon where Rock n Roll was born (created by intelligence)

Anonymous said...

John McRino.