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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Schools Consider Banning ‘Best Friends’

NEW YORK — Growing up, your best friend is the person who is always there for you and the one you share all your secrets and exploits with.

But now there’s a growing movement to ban best friends.

The movement isn’t a ban on friendship, it’s just geared towards having children broaden their friendship circles and become more inclusive.

It’s a move a lot of educators think goes in the right direction.

Rumored to have first started in Prince George’s South London school, this push to breakup best friends is catching on, says clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg.

“There has been a movement in some American schools and European schools to ban the phrase ‘best friend,'” Greenberg said. “The idea of banning the phrase ‘best friends’ is a very intriguing social experiment.”

And while it may be raising some eyebrows Greenberg who works with children and adolescents says there’s some good rationale behind it.

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Anonymous said...

The ULTIMATE in mind control.
This government is communist in almost every way.
A Totalitarian Tyrannical nightmare.

Anonymous said...

The snowflake generation's brains have melted.

Anonymous said...

Nobody had to ban me.I had no friends then and I have none now.A select few can tolerate me,but a very few.

Anonymous said...

8:37 Totally agree!
Our Country is lost!

Anonymous said...

They can try all they want, but my best friend is still my best friend!

Oh, and YOU are NOT even my "sort of" acquaintance.

So, now, what is your next move?

Anonymous said...

Let me consider this for a while.

They want to tell an individual who their friends are and to what degree?


Anonymous said...

who needs a best friend when you can have BIG BROTHER....

Anonymous said...

what is the country coming to?

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. They are also telling students they can not say no at school dances when asked to dance. My daughter has every right to tell anyone no she doesn't want to dance with them for any reason. So how is that for Women's Choice ?

Anonymous said...

She may not like people having a best friend, but she just became one of my worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please stand up and tell people like her that she has not been anointed with any power over others?