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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yellowstone Supervolcano under 'STRAIN’ - experts find magma chamber pressure

YELLOWSTONE is “under strain” according to a group of seismologists who are monitoring the potentially catastrophic volcano, prompting fears an eruption is imminent.

A process known as deformation, where subsurface rocks subtly change shapes, is occurring beneath the surface of Yellowstone which alerts experts.

Researchers state deformation occurs when there is a change in the amount of pressure in the magma chamber and experts are keeping an eye on the development.

Seismologists from UNAVCO, a nonprofit university-governed consortium, are using “Global Positioning System, borehole tiltmeters, and borehole strainmeters” to measure minute changes in deformation at Yellowstone.

In an article for the Billings Gazette, David Mencin and Glen Mattioli, geodesists with UNAVCO, say “the strain signal is larger than would be expected if the crust under Yellowstone were completely solid”.



Anonymous said...

I feel that way after eating Mexican food.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if it does go it will take California with it.

Anonymous said...

Be ready with ash on your roofs and no food growing when world death toll in the billion's with other nasties like no power and water in homes with sewage level are going be bad.

jcm said...

If that baby blows.. Write off living in US for a years

wrench said...

And saw an artical on MSN web site that said Yellow Stone magma chamber was also expanding.