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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

If You Have A Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You

A Texas Antifa student group hosted a six month health program to “politicize” students with “mental illnesses,” according to a Thursday report.

The Revolutionary Student Front at the University of Texas at Austin hosted a “Revolutionary Mental Health Program” “to address the mental health needs of students in a way that would primarily serve to politicize and strengthen them, to become more committed to revolution and more capable of carrying it out,” reported Far Left Watch.

The UT Austin Antifa student group based its 2017 program on “Turn Illness Into A Weapon,” a book charting the neo-Marxist Socialist Patients Collective group’s actions in Germany, which placed the blame of mental illness on capitalist oppression.

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Anonymous said...

This is what progressives are all about. They didn't win the election so they want to start a revolution to disrupt our Nation and divide Americans. It's time to put some people behind bars for inciting riots and encouraging violence.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's start right here. They are ANTIFA. They tell in their own words many of their leaders are mentally ill. They say they are actively recruiting more with mental illness to use as weapons.
They have a 13,000 word manifesto!

Talk about a basket of deplorable all in one neat stack! The NSA, FBI, and Homeland Security should be all over these idiots!
But, will they?
Will they just wait for maybe if they actually do something before taking down their names and running background on them?

Nothing to see here, folks.

Anonymous said...

OMG...I can't get my CCW soon enough

Anonymous said...

Being that liberalism is a mental illness they shouldn't have too much trouble recruiting.

Anonymous said...

So we must strip society of guns so we can "safely" keep crazy people in society.

Anonymous said...

LOL - your CCW. Good one Not!

Anonymous said...

We could all do with some new comebacks from you. It was great the first 30 times you said it but people are starting to talk..

Anonymous said...

It isn't Progressives.
It isn't Liberals.

It is Communism.

Call it by its name.