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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

20 states sue Trump administration to end Obamacare after mandate repeal

Twenty states are suing the Trump administration over the individual mandate in Obamacare that obligates people have health insurance or pay a fine, seeking an end to the entire law.

In the lawsuit filed Monday, states said Congress's decision to repeal the tax penalty as part of the Republican tax bill signed into law by President Trump, invalidates the mandate and all of Obamacare. The penalty still applies this year, but will go to zero beginning in 2019.

The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas.

This is the second lawsuit against the mandate. The Supreme Court upheld this portion of the law in 2012, determining it was allowed because it was a tax, and fit under the power of Congress to levy taxes.

The Obama administration had argued the individual mandate was allowed under Congress's power to regulate interstate commerce, a position the Supreme Court rejected. The ruling essentially concluded the federal government isn't allowed to force people who aren't engaged in commercial activities to buy a product or service they don't want.



Anonymous said...

BUT Congress did not levy the tax, It was levied by Obama, unconstitutionally and illegally.

Anonymous said...

They might as well be forcing me to buy a car that I can't afford, or pay for a trip that I don't want to take, both subject to penalties if I don't.

Anonymous said...

3:00 and what about the dad with cancer who has no other option for insurance? Insurers won't bring him on because it's a pre-existing condition. He should die because of money?

Anonymous said...

President Trump is a brilliant man. The Senate wouldn't repeal obamacare so the President started chipping away at it piece by piece. By next year this time it will be gone. It was a failure just like everything else obama and the democrats have ever done. Oh I forgot bathroom rights for transgenders. The democrats did do that. They are all such pervs and nasty.