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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Florida Governor Rick Scott Demands FBI Detail Failure to Act Over School Shooter Tips

Florida’s Republican Governor, Rick Scott, is demanding that the FBI reveal in detail how it failed to heed warnings that the Parkland school shooter was a potential threat.

“Today I am calling on the FBI to immediately release all details surrounding the bureau’s failure to act on a tip it received, including all details and protocols,” Scott said in a Mondaystatement.

“Last week, our state and nation was shocked to learn of the FBI’s inexcusable inaction after receiving a tip informing them of Cruz’s desire to carry out a school shooting. The FBI’s failure to initiate an investigation raises many questions, and the victims’ families deserve answers now,” Scott said.

The FBI admitted that it may have broken its own protocols by allowing the tips about accused shooter Nickolas Cruz to slip unaddressed through the cracks.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget folks, the FBI killed more children than all the school shooters combined, at the Branch Dividain compound, in Waco, TX.

Anonymous said...

Wake up people, the fbi along with most government are in fact an army of communist, ready at every chance to take over. As before, they stood idle so they could advance their strategic disarming of America by using the fear of mass violence to infringe the 2A, they are willing to sacrifice those children and many more in order to carry out their mission. They must first destroy the 2A so then they can destroy the rest of the BOR. THAT is when your children and grandchildren will be enslaved. This army of communist wear costumes of politicians and high ranking leo. They are willing to violate their oath in exchange for monetary compensation.

Anonymous said...

10:23 mostly democrats so very close to communists. Federal government employees are not hired because of their competence. They are hired because they support the union. Most are nothing but a drain on society sucking valuable tax dollars out of where it really needs to be. The federal govt work force could without any notice slash atleast 1/4 of the positions. Look at the 2 losers Stzrok and Page who found the time to send over 50,000 text messages on tax payers dime. I still it's a shame someone didn't report Cruz as being in touch with the Russians on behalf of the President because then the Fumbling Bureau of Idiots would have busted his doors down and hopefully then been able to put 2 and 2 together. Doubtful but maybe.

Anonymous said...



You are so right.