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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Elizabeth Warren Used To Play Indian; Now She Plays Charades

Elizabeth Warren is right about one thing: President Donald Trump should stop calling her Pocahontas.

The correct name is Fauxcahontas. That’s the nickname Boston Herald columnist and radio talk show host Howie Carr hung on her during the 2012 campaign. That’s “Faux” as in “false.” The point is that she’s a faker.

And she went right on faking during a speech to the National Congress of American Indians on Wednesday.

The speech is getting attention for “addressing” questions about her alleged indigenous identity. It indeed addressed them, but it didn’t answer them.

To state an observation a law professor might appreciate: Warren’s speech relies on assertion, and makes no argument. It’s not much of a leap to conclude that she has no argument.

In a 17-minute-plus speech of more than 2,000 words, only twice did she mention the nub of her problem:


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