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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SC Lawmaker To File Campus Carry Bill

Mike Pitts moves to enhance public safety at South Carolina colleges and universities …

South Carolina could move away from the folly of “gun free zones” if one pro-Second Amendment state lawmaker has his way …

State representative Mike Pitts of Laurens, S.C. is planning to introduce a bill that would permit “campus carry” in the Palmetto State. In other words, he’s going to file legislation that would allow college students who have concealed weapons permits to carry their guns on campus.

As of this writing, college campuses in South Carolina are gun-free zones.

“College campuses have been the location of terrible tragedies targeted by mass shooters because they are gun free zones,” Pitts told us. “This bill would allow a responsible, trained permit holder to be in a position to defend themselves and others.”

Pitts knows what he’s talking about, too. He’s a retired city of Greenville, S.C. police officer, avid hunter and the leading Second Amendment advocate in the S.C. General Assembly.


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