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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2020 Dem contenders travel to key primary states

Democrats with an eye on challenging President Trump in 2020 are already making travel plans that could position themselves for a potential bid.

Progressive favorite Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sparked the latest round of intrigue last week when he announced he’d be heading back to Iowa, which hosts the first vote of the presidential primary race, to campaign for a former staffer’s congressional bid.

Here’s a rundown of which potential 2020 contenders have already made the pilgrimage to key early primary states Iowa or New Hampshire, sorted by those who have traveled to these states the most.

Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander: 10 trips to Iowa, 7 trips to New Hampshire

Kander, a former Missouri secretary of State who ran a surprisingly strong Senate race in 2016, appears to have an affinity for the Hawkeye and Granite states. He’s averaged more than one trip a month since 2016 to one of the early primary states.



Anonymous said...

I still say that if you want to run for a political office and you already have need to resign in order to do so. You have all these people out trying to get elected for an office but NOT doing the job they were elected to do in the first place.
If they had to lose a job to MAYBE get the other one, a lot less would even enter that race. The fact that they have a job waiting if they lose the election brings out a lot more folks that have no chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Do taxpayers pay for these trips?