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Friday, January 05, 2018

UPDATE: State of Emergency, Level 2 Driving Restriction Remain in Effect in Sussex County

WILMINGTON, Del. – The State of Emergency and Level 2 Driving Restriction remain in effect throughoutSussex County.

Governor Carney also has authorized the Delaware National Guard to assist state and local officials with any necessary response and recovery for this severe winter storm.

Roadways update from DelDOT
The priority for DelDOT is clearing and treating all primary roadways before plowing secondary roads. With the combination of strong winds, drifting snow, and intense cold, getting to all roads is going to take time and DelDOT crews will continue to work to clear roads as quickly as possible. In addition, salt is less effective in melting snow and ice in extremely low temperatures such as those we will experience over the next 72 hours. DelDOT maintenance and operations yards have been fully staffed since 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, and for the safety of our employees, there is a required five hour rest period every 24 hours. While Kent and New Castle Counties have seen lesser snow accumulations, high winds and drifting snow are still a hazard and motorists should be cautious of icy conditions due to the below freezing temperatures. DelDOT snow plows remain active in plowing and treating primary and secondary roadways.

The Level 2 Driving Restriction means that no person may operate a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways, except for persons designated as “essential personnel.”

Under Delaware law, the term “essential personnel” means employees or personnel who are necessary (1) to maintain the core functions of government, and (2) to maintain the health and safety of the people of Delaware. The following persons are specifically designated as “essential personnel” under Delaware law:
Operators of snow removal equipment (public and private);
Persons providing public utility services;
Persons providing healthcare services; and
Persons providing food and fuel deliveries.

In addition to the above, employers who fall outside the above categories may apply for a waiver from the Level 2 Driving Restriction from the Delaware Emergency Management Agency. Waivers will be granted when a significant safety, health or business necessity is shown. Waivers must be obtained in advance of emergency incidents. No waiver application will be granted within 21 days after receipt of the application for waiver, and applications will not be processed for approval during an emergency period. Employers already granted a waiver by DEMA may also continue to travel if necessary.

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Anonymous said...

So I put a snowblower in the back of my truck and I am OK because I'm a private snow remover.