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Friday, November 17, 2017

The Adventures of Creepy Joe Biden: Serial Young Girl-Toucher

As I wrote on Wednesday, the biggest media hoax going right now is this sudden contrition over the shielding of Bill Clinton for 25 years against numerous allegations that ranged from sexual harassment to flat-out rape.

There are two reasons we know this is just another fake news wave of media BS. The first is that this very same media is right now shielding Democrat Senator Bob Menendez from the allegations he had sex with underage prostitutes. The second is creepy Joe Biden, the serial young girl-toucher.

For just one moment set aside your personal political beliefs and imagine the media reaction if President Trump, or any Republican, was photographed doing this:



Anonymous said...

And the DEMS turn away.

Anonymous said...

Get this
NOW A TRANSGENDER is accusing actor Jeffrey Tamborn rubbed up against IT during filming lololol

Anonymous said...

Biden has the look of a perv.

Anonymous said...

Feminists don't have a problem with uncle Joe.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe had a 8 year old girl on his lap at the Whitehouse, he unzipped his pants and told the girl to reach inside and play with his squirrel. She found it and he told her to pet it, after a few minute of her petting it she pulled out her had and said your squirrel threw up!