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Saturday, November 18, 2017

NFL fights tax cut bill with no stadium bond breaks

The NFL has come out against House Republicans’ tax cut bill, putting the league out on a political limb even as it deals with the fallout from national anthem protests.

Other big pro sports leagues are staying out of the fight, but a spokesman for the National Football League said teams don’t want to lose a special tax break that allows them to use tax-free bonds to build stadiums.

The NFL says it deserves the break because new stadiums create jobs.

“You can look around the country and see the economic development that’s generated from some of these stadiums,” Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary for President Clinton and now an NFL spokesman, told reporters on a conference call last week, according to Reuters.



Anonymous said...

Empty stadiums will not create jobs, dummies, and that's where you're trending! Right into Loserville!

The NFL needs a good reality check like this one.

Anonymous said...

All business people create jobs and they don't get special breaks. It time sports stood on their own and not on the backs of the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Why should the taxpayers subsidize the multi-millionaire owners and
cash fat companies that name the stadiums???
Don't they get enough money from the exorbitant price of tickets to
attend the games??

Anonymous said...

Sorry entertainment industry, time to pay your fair share too!

Anonymous said...

The NFL is dead.

Anonymous said...

You left out the "fat cat" salaries the players get. We already support the worthless "fat cat" politians.

lmclain said...

But, what else could they say about billionaires wanting the people to pay for their business expenses?

We could just go ahead and hang them, too.
parking lot attendants and concession stand people at minimum wage.
THOSE jobs???