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Saturday, November 18, 2017

COULTER: Immigration Is Turning the Country Blue

Virginia election a glimpse of future for entire US

Hey, Republicans! Did you enjoy Election Night last week? Get ready for a lot more nights like that as immigration turns every last corner of the country blue.

When Ed Gillespie lost in Virginia, liberals crowed about how they’re winning the war of ideas. The country has thoroughly, emphatically rejected Trumpism!

Republicans, being idiots, played along, arguing only about whether Gillespie’s problem was that he didn’t embrace Trump enough or embraced him too much.

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Anonymous said...

HA, all these daily sex harassment implications will be end lots of RED careers! Next will be BLUE careers and if enough of the old guard is removed......may not need term limits after all!

Coulter is becoming outdated too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is simply xenophobic fear mongering. The hispanic culture is deeply conservative. Work hard as hell and deeply religious. I for one would much rather them as neighbors than the permanant-victim crowd that ruins your schools and makes your neighborhood a war zone...