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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gun-Toting Sarah Palin Reveals The Epic Way She’s Kept Sexual Harassers At Bay

With so many allegations of sexual harassment running rampant over the last few months, including the newest allegations against Roy Moore and Al Franken, I’m beginning to wonder exactly how small the group of people who have NOT sexually harassed a woman is.

Equally small, I imagine, is the group of women who have not been in some way victimized by a man who can’t seem to keep him hands to himself. At least that’s the way it seems, thanks to the blood-thirsty, over-zealous media who feel the need to over-hype every story and drain every little drop of attention they can from it before moving on to the next scandal of the century.

But you know who hasn’t been touched against her will?

Sarah Palin.


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Anonymous said...

I'm betting Hillary Clinton has never been sexually harassed but for different reasons.