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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Joe Biden Is Pretty Sure He Is Why Democrats Won In Virginia On Tuesday

"'Nearly every candidate I endorsed won."

Joe Biden is positioning himself to be the savior of the Democratic party, taking credit for some of the big victories Democrats won in the off-year elections Tuesday night.

"Nearly every candidate I endorsed won," the former vice president told supporters in an email on Wednesday, designed to raise money for Biden's SuperPAC. "Nearly every candidate I endorsed," he repeated, "was elected."



Anonymous said...

funny, Hillary believes she is the reason

Anonymous said...

Do you do as well at the racetrack, Joe?

Anonymous said...

The failed candidate and Slow Joe should not get dancing and take a chance of soiling their depends. The GOP is very selective on what they do. They are just playing with you, probably didn't want that territory. So don't go and wet yourselves.

Anonymous said...

YouTube. Biden creepy moments. It's scary.

lmclain said...

He's senile now.
HE is the reason they won?? Because voters listened intently to his sage advice?
Right. He could walk across town and no one would know who he is. Or care.
The way he and his ilk drove this country into the dirt and into bankruptcy, he should just be quiet.
Let REAL leaders fix his voluminous track record of f'ing up everything he touched.

Anonymous said...

Biden is a legend in his own mind!
I guess he will also say he invented the internet like Al Gore!
These Democrats are so entertaining!!!
You never know what nonsense they will say next!!!