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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Task Force To Analyze Ocean City Motorized Events; No Major Changes Likely For Spring Cruisin Event

OCEAN CITY — After considerable debate on Monday, there will be a classic vehicle event in Ocean City as planned in the spring, but a task force will decide the future of the town’s often troublesome motorized special events going forward.

It was standing room only on Monday at City Hall as the Mayor and Council heard a presentation on a plan of action to eliminate some vehicle-related special events or at least curtail some of the illicit activity associated with them.

During a closed Police Commission meeting on Oct. 13, the panel, which includes Mayor Rick Meehan and Councilmembers Dennis Dare, Wayne Hartman and Mary Knight, came up with a list of recommendations to forward to the full Mayor and Council. Highlighted on the long list of recommendations is sending a letter to the H2Oi promoter requesting the event be moved entirely out of Worcester or Wicomico counties.



Anonymous said...

Calmer heads must prevail because you cannot bite the hand (customer) that feeds ($$$$$$$$$) your town!

And STOP with all the behind the scenes meetings - work with US for a solution we ALL can live with! Geez!

Anonymous said...

I told you the 1 percenters would not let their cash cow go hungry. And the Mayor and Council fell right in line.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that money is the big factor here.
The Cruisers - and especially the H20i crowd - are widely known for not spending a whole lot of money in Ocean City, with the exception of hotel rooms and fast food chains.
The Cruisers don't want to park their cars on ANY lot - so they mostly cruise Coastal.
The H20i gang either don't have the money - or are saving up for new wheels.
I truly feel that it's all about how potential vacationers perceive the town that is of the most interest to the administration.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go ahead and bite the hands that make OC's business moguls wealthy. Serves OC right.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think these "car events" could find a much more event friendly town to spend their money in. OC is declaring themselves an enemy of these events, and the members of these organizations. It's all the car clubs that they are going after, not just the H2Oi people. I can read between the lines and can see that the city is getting some push back from the local business leaders on this issue. They are facing a significant loss of revenue if OC chases these car clubs out of town. Otherwise, they would have accepted the Police recommendations "behind closed doors."

Anonymous said...

Look at the previous story posted, I was 100% correct, the silly council would fold. Several, including the Mare are paid handsomely by certain business people. Gehrig almost spilled the beans. Have a few minutes, go to the website and download the video of the meeting. It’s unbelievable, but true. Corruption at it’s worse.

Anonymous said...

I see what you did there "Mare". Although it sounds the same, probably "gelding" would fit better.


Anonymous said...

Tricky Ricky has long passed his term. Problem is, no one wants to play with the rest of the clowns in that circus.