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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Weak 9: Monday Night Football Edition of Packers-Lions Among Lowest Rated Week 9 MNF Games Ever

If you wanted good news for the NFL from its Monday Night Football ratings, you got it. If you wanted bad news for the NFL from its Monday Night Football ratings, you also got it.

How the media and pundits interpret the information will depend on their agenda. However, if your agenda is truth, here are the facts.

Monday night’s contest between the Packers and Lions scored a 7.6 rating in metered markets. That number represents a 6 percent increase from the disastrous Chiefs-Broncos match-up of last week. The game also registered a 25% increase from MNF’s season low rating between the Colts and the Titans in mid-October.

That concludes the “good news” portion of our program.



Anonymous said...

Imagine if this many people actually protested against something important. Excellent battle to pick lads

Anonymous said...

Black nationalists protesting White people is kind of a turn off.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work NFL! Your hesitation for doing the right thing is making you pay the real price now.

Anonymous said...

Im offended by all the teams racist as they are, so I really dont care

Anonymous said...

I actually tuned into that game on Monday. it helped me fall asleep with no medicine.
Not sure what it is, the drone of the commentators or the slow action. But, believe me, it works. Woke up on the couch around 3:30.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!! They actually make all the protest they ate doing a joke when all of their actions off and now on the field support the police involvement. What's up with all the fighting during the games?? The morons will always ruin whatever they put their hands on