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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Questions Surround County’s Recent Wrongful Search And Seizure Settlement

SNOW HILL – A threatening post on social media. A Worcester County Sheriff’s Office investigation. A settlement. A trial board hearing.

More than a year after an Instagram post alluded to a potential school shooting at Stephen Decatur High School, questions remain about the ensuing actions of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. While details are scarce, officials have confirmed that Worcester County’s insurer settled a claim against the department based upon an alleged wrongful search and seizure.

Last September, an Instagram post by “timmy.the.shooter” alluded to a potential shooting at Stephen Decatur High School.

“There was a threat made in social media that we are investigating,” Lt. Ed Schreier of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office told The Dispatch Sept. 29, 2016. “We put extra patrols out in an abundance of caution. The threat was not acted upon. Investigation is ongoing.”



Zorro said...

This kind of nonsense goes on frequently with the over-zealous Wicomico County Sheriffs office.... I had personal experience with their illegal searches..... We need a new Sherrif to run the elected position of Wicomico County Sherrif..... I come from a back ground of 37 years in Criminal Justice .... There is a whole lot of shaking up needed in MIKEY Lewis Dept.

Anonymous said...

Shame they couldn't report the whole incident. Just remember the number 234,000.

Anonymous said...

This is not a whole lot different than the situation with the Worcester County Board of Education. The BOE derives all of its funding from the County but the County has absolutely no supervisory rights over the school board.

Anonymous said...

Entire Board of Education needs to be audited by an independent outside firm, there's so much shit that happens they don't want you to know about people graduate who shouldn't be graduating. Not to mention all the fights, threats, and drugs that go on at the high schools that doesn't get reported. The principles and the board hide because they don't want you to know it's going on

Anonymous said...

10:03 Not to mention the civil rights violations perpetrated on the student body by police. The majority of which are completely fruitless. Then cops are so embarrassed they ratchet up the vindictive indignant attitudes and tear more things up searching. They do it because no one stops them. If a teacher or admin speak up, they or their families are targeted and intimidated by police for fake traffic violations.