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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Christian women gather on the Mall and criticize feminism

One after another, the women who gathered for a prayer rally on the Mall on Monday said that when they decided to travel to Washington for this event, they had in mind another assembly of women in the same place: the Women’s March on the day following the presidential inauguration, which drew massive crowds of protesters in “pussy hats.”

Those women marchers didn’t stand for them, the Christian women said on Monday.

“For years, the feminists lied to us,” Christian author Lisa Bevere shouted from the stage. “They said for us to be powerful as women, we needed to act like men.” The women gathered on the Mall raised their hands in praise.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Feminists have never said for women to be powerful they needed to act like men. Never.

Feminists are to be thanked for women's suffrage, and equal protection under the law, equal opportunities for employment, and rights to their bodies.

Credible arguments can be made that 2nd and 3rd wave feminists have gone off the rails.

However, to make a bold claim that "God" put Trump in charge is absurd. To accept that is to accept the "God" put Obama in charge, put the "Il Sun" family in charge of North Korea, Hitler in charge of Germany... etc etc. The claim is not only absurd, but cannot be supported by any evidence, and can actually be discredited by pointing to other world leaders that are less attractive to these folks.