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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Verizon to boot rural customers because they like Verizon too much

Verizon Wireless plans to disconnect 8,500 rural customers from its network, citing the roaming charges the customers rack up.

The customers live across 13 states, including Alaska, Idaho, Iowa and Indiana and they account for 19,000 lines. The customers were notified of the disconnection earlier this month via letter, with their service set to stop on Oct. 17, according to Ars Technica, which first reported the story.

In addition to the aforementioned states, some of the customers live in Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin.

The letter from Verizon to the affected customers reads: “During a recent review of customer accounts, we discovered you are using a significant amount of data while roaming off the Verizon Wireless network. While we appreciate you choosing Verizon, after October 17, 2017, we will no longer offer service for the numbers listed above since your primary place of use is outside the Verizon service area.”


Publishers Notes: As many of you know, I own a home, (rural) in Delmar, Delaware. In fact, for more then a decade I published SBYNews from that location. What you may not know is that I did so from a wireless card. Not only was it very expensive and very slow, over time Verizon would attempt to get me to change up my original card. I did it once and immediately found my signal got much weaker. I immediately went back to my original card.

When I completed our Ocean City home I had cable there and incredible Internet service, hence one of the reasons I run SBYNews from that location. However, at one point I went to Delmar and tried to access the Internet on my wireless card and I just couldn't connect. I spent quite some time talking to Verizon's customer service people and I finally said, I want to speak to someone higher up.

Out of nowhere, (total luck) they connected me with Verizon's top executive on towers. I told him my Internet problem and went on to en having problems with our cell phones. We can text but we can't make calls without it breaking up most of the time. He looked up our location and said, look, I'm going to be honest with you. We got rid of the tower close to you and the closest tower is now over 5 miles away. He then explained that Verizon was getting rid of a lot of rural towers because 90% of their business is now DATA, (text messages). 

I was truly grateful for his honesty but it explained a LOT. Unless you are in a metropolitan area you will start losing service and we all know Verizon was the best for us here on the shore. You should also know that Verizon used to send their signals from the highest part of the towers. Other cell services are lower on each tower so you don't get a good signal. 

Verizon no longer provides the service we grew used to. There are a LOT of dead spots now, in case you wondered why, now you know. 


Anonymous said...

They cut off the service at our closest cell tower over 5 years ago, too. We had to get a booster on the internet line to get a signal. Fortunately they were giving the converters away at that time. It now would cost $150. Glad I never cut the landline!

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are installing a new Cell Tower in Bi-Valve. The Tower is right next to a small Verizon building near the Cedar Hill Entrance.

Does anyone know if this is going to be a cell tower for sure ? Pretty much from right before Boonies until you get past the Nanticoke Harbor there is zero signal. I know its not a large community but to have all those people have no signal at all is unacceptable and I had hoped this tower was there to relive that.

I often worry about someone having an accident like hitting a deer and not being able to call for help.

Anonymous said...

WHY it's a phone line ?

Anonymous said...

I often worry about someone having an accident like hitting a deer and not being able to call for help

Feels like the 70's again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Verizon is getting to big again. My bill constantly goes up every 3 months and they blame it on Federal regulations. HAHA. They need to give better service with their charges and profits. There is no government control over telecommunications since the Federal government consistently gives them what they want with no questions asked. This also goes for Utility companies, Energy companies and insurance companies. Insurance companies constantly change your original coverage at will, constantly raising your cost, without notifying you and at the Feds do nothing. Where are the Politians? I forgot they stay on vacation and not offend big corporations because of their kickbacks when they are in DC. That would be bad on their assets.

Anonymous said...

I live on the east side of Salisbury and our service has been horrible - non-existent in the house - for years. I had to buy a $250 signal extender, just to get service that I already pay for, and it only works half the time! even 10 times 0 is still zero. so, of course, we still need a land line. We have to walk to the end of our driveway just to send a text.
Verizon has knows about this 'down zone' for years and has never offered to add a booster tower.
Anyone who lives along Coulbourne Mill, Union Church and Jackson Roads knows what I'm talking about.
"Can you hear me now!"

Anonymous said...

Straight talk wireless - $45/mo. everything and works in Bivalve. Dumped verizon years ago. you can get internet from comcast/verizon or at&t for home on nanticoke side of 349.

Anonymous said...

Verizon saved their money in a piggy bank and bought AOL and Huffington Pist and most recently Yahoo. Perhaps other acquisitions, too.

Anonymous said...

You should try AT&T for Bivalve

Anonymous said...

Straighttalk is using the AT&T network here ;-)