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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wisconsin Appeals Court Tosses Right to Work Injunction

Second state court to dismiss attempts to block law in as many days

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the state's right-to-work law was constitutional and ordered a district court to dismiss a union lawsuit on Tuesday.

The three-judge panel effectively ended a suit from a coalition of the state's largest labor unions seeking to block the 2015 law, known as Act 1, from taking effect. The Court said the unions failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the law, which prohibits companies from mandating union membership as a condition of employment, violated the state Constitution by unlawfully denying them property without compensation.

"Act 1 does not take property within the meaning of the Wisconsin Constitution. … The Unions have no constitutional entitlement to the fees of non-member employees," the ruling says.



Anonymous said...

Good,union did nothing for me but take my money.

Anonymous said...

Wrong unions are not perfect but are needed to protect the rights of working people otherwise employers will do whatever they want to you. You have 40 hour weeks and weekends because men in labor unions died for those rights. You have holidays and sick time and a fair wage because of unions. Right to work is a union busting tactic used so that they can take away your benefits because you no longer have a voice. Non-union workers make less money and quality is usually worse than union workers because they use the cheapest less skilled worker they can find. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

I worked a union job for ten years starting in 1970. The company vaporized, taking the senior guys' pensions with them. The union's demands a year before the folding were the tipping point. The company declared bankruptcy, reorganized, then reopened as a non-union shop. Forty years it's still going strong and people are clamoring for a job there.