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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ohio State University 'privilege' workshop says only white people can be racist

If your skin color is white, only you can be a racist, and it’s impossible for you to be a victim.

That’s the message reportedly coming out of a workshop held at Ohio State University Tuesday aimed to teach white students about their "privilege" and how not to act racist.

"Whiteness grants you power and access to things," one student said during the workshop, according to an attendee who is a reporter for The College Fix. “As a white woman, I can walk into any space and know that my white privilege will grant me power and access to things that someone else is not going to experience.”

The session, titled "Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People,” was part of the university’s ongoing “Ally Week of Action," a series of events hosted by its multicultural center.

About 20 students attended the workshop. During the event, an African-American student asked Angie Wellman, associate director in the Student Life Multicultural Center -- who led the event – if white people are the only racists..



Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap! Nowadays, the blacks are more racist than the whites ever were! The government enabled them to be worse.

The previous Turd-in-chief set back race relations by a number of decades! The current batch of dumbovrats are NOT helping it to get better!

Anonymous said...

10:15 You are RIGHT ON !!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen racism defined as a strictly white affliction. Racism exists all over the world, by many cultures and races. Take the red pill. Students, don't believe the lies that are being fed to you. If it sounds like a crock of shit, then it is. It doesn't matter if that crock of shit is being spewed from a professor's mouth, its still a crock of shit. That is not an education they are foisting on you, it is an indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Are Black people in Africa Racist
Are Asin people in China racist
Are Hispanics in Mexico racist


Anonymous said...

The ironic part is that this premise on its face is racist.

Anonymous said...

White students,are you reading this?

Anonymous said...

And only liberals are dumb enough to believe it.

Anonymous said...

That white woman should walk into a dark bar on the hood side of town late at night and order a fu fu drink.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State University has a liberal black president with a shady past so what do you expect.

Quit hiring blacks and putting them in high paid positions of power just because they are black.

Anonymous said...

I have been on both sides of that fence regarding racism. I have committed racism against others and have been the "victim" of racism, by other races as well as my own race.

I believe racism is a LEARNED behavior, learned from parents and other authoritative persons in ones' life. Most agree it is a WRONG behavior but one that is embedded in us all the same.

The best outcome for racism is to stop teaching it to our young and trying to reverse what we ourselves have been taught. No easy task.

When I was growing up the N word was thrown around just like any other adjective. No one cared if it hurt the feelings of the target or anyone close enough to hear it. As well as hurtful words thrown at whites. Right or wrong, that's just the way it was.

I don't think those words are used as often as before, mostly due to PC and perhaps an awakening of it being unacceptable in our society. But they still occur by ALL races.

The only way to end racism, in my view, is to stop teaching it, stop practicing it, and wait for those still practicing it and teaching it to change or die off.

In any case, it will be a long time before it is totally gone, if ever.