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Friday, September 15, 2017

Americans Are More Secular — What That Means for Liberty

Are Americans becoming less religious, or, more specifically, are we becoming less Christian? The answer seems to be yes. As we approach Constitution Day this Sunday, this new reality has implications for American Liberty.

According to data from a new survey released last week by the Public Religion Research Institute, a study of more than 100,000 Americans across the nation found that the number of those who call themselves “religious and spiritual” has declined from 59% in 2012 to 48%. Currently, just 43% of white Americans claim to be Christians and only 30% Protestants. In 1976, the numbers were 81% Christian with 55% Protestant. That’s clearly a significant drop in one generation.

PRRI found that the decline in religious observance among Americans is highest in young Americans. The non-religious or “nones” now make up 34% of all Americans under the age of 30. And young Americans who are religious and identify as Christians are a shrinking percentage. Interestingly, among religiously unaffiliated Americans, a minority (only 27%) claim to be either agnostic or atheist. It’s interesting that most Americans who identify as secular and non-religious aren’t willing to entirely reject religious beliefs.

Part of the problem with surveys like this is the fact that people’s definitions for what makes someone a Christian are constantly evolving. Hence the common delimiters such as Protestant vs. Catholic, mainline vs. evangelical, denominational vs. non-denominational, and so on. To make matters even more confusing, racial delimiters have been added.

So, the bigger question is what’s the point behind publishing this data?

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Anonymous said...

It means the death of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Secular, is not a dirty word. It merely means not favoring religion. It does not mean no religion.

The United States is, and always has been, as Secular Republic. We are not a theocracy. I would argue that only a secular government can protect religious liberty.

I believe religion is fading because we have no need for the myths of the past. Most people have computers and cell phones, and can access almost all of human knowledge at a whim. Ideas used to be fairly difficult to challenge and discuss and examine. Now it can be done instantly.

Religion is dying because humans are becoming smarter and more knowledgeable. When critical thinking is applied... people find religion wanting and move away.

They don't have to take claims without evidence at face value. Religious ideas are having an exceptionally hard time substantiating their claims. The holy books can be evaluated and compared.

I think it is false to say morality hangs on one religion. Most societies of differing religions share most of the same morals.. surely there are some differences... but they are more similar than they differ.

If it were shown to you today that your religion was not true, would you start stealing and murdering and raping? I think that you wouldn't. Morality does not come from your religion, and it does not come from a deity.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if we are, in fact, becoming less Christian, but I do know that liberals are making it harder and harder to acknowledge and practice our Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Means people are getting smarter.