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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Why Trump Should Pardon Bundys & Their Supporters

Federal land grab was completely illegal

Last week a Nevada jury dealt another blow this week to the government’s case against participants in an armed uprising against federal agents three years ago involving the family of rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters.

The jury acquitted two men, Richard Lovelien and Steven Stewart, of all 10 charges against them, and two others, Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler, on most counts. The jury deadlocked on the remaining charges against Parker and Drexler, and then Judge Gloria Navarro an appointee of President Obama hand- picked by Harry Reid, declared a mistrial.

Navarro’s conduct in the case and her efforts to cook the results of the next trial by denying the defendants any real defense. Navarro knows that no matter how outrageous her conduct the X circuit, the most politically activist liberal would be unable to overturn her rulings and all the Bundy defendants will have died in prison before the US Supreme Court could hear this case.



Unknown said...

I didn't read it but I totally agree with pardoning the Bundy's

lmclain said...

They are trying their best to find a way around jury nullification.
They do not give a crap about phrases in the Constitution like "Congress shall make no law....." (a Supreme Court justice pointedly remarked once that "no law" means NO LAW. He was drowned out by cheering. Now look at what we have. Same goes for "shall not infringe...".
Liberal losers are actually talking about "re-writing" the Bill Of Rights.
EVERY DAY they become more strident and more violent.
I will be buying a lot more ammo TODAY.
I urge all men to do the same.
Look down South --- the police are telling people they are on their own. And that was a hurricane. Wait til things pop off all around the country.
Don't get caught a little short on protection.
Keep cheering!