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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bay Area TV Anchor: "I Experienced Hate First Hand Today In Berkeley" From AntiFa...

After the media lashed out at right-wing extremists in the aftermath of the tragic violence in Charlottesville, the tide now appears to be turning against the all-black-clad "Antifa."

For the first time since the campaigns began late last year and protests broke out, The Washington Post unleashed this shocking headline.

Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa - “anti-fascist” - members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!”



Anonymous said...

Antifa figured that most people are afraid of blacks (really stupid ) so they dress them in black as to represent fear. What they don't understand is a bullet fears no one.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing "anti" about this group. They are communist thugs hired by the Democrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask any one of them to describe what fascism is and they'll come up short, or just smack you in the face because if you're asking, you must be one.

Anonymous said...

They are turning on democrats also so now the democrats will be turning on them.

Zorro said...

just shoot one or two....than the rest will run back to mommy's basement or go to class at College