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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Teachers stunned by Project Baltimore discovery: “I don’t think it’s possible.”

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- How can a high school with zero students proficient in math, have one of the highest graduation rates in Baltimore City?

It’s a question Project Baltimore is asking after teachers from Northwood Appold Community Academy II, or NACA II, contacted us saying grades are being changed so students can graduate.

“I don’t think it’s possible,” says one of the teachers who sat down with Fox45. We’re disguising their identities because the educators fear retaliation.

“You should think at least one. But none? Wow!” says the other teacher.

None. Zero. It’s a number that also got our attention.



Anonymous said...

Now why does the idiot Mayor think that offering FREE college will help reduce crime? Maybe they think the kids will hang out at the school smoking weed and off the street. Ya think?

Anonymous said...

you know how those liberals lie!!!