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Saturday, August 12, 2017

NFL Source: Kaepernick Turned Down At Least 1 Contract To Play Up The Race Card

Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent, and an NFL inside source told The Daily Caller Monday that the former 49ers quarterback has no one but himself to blame.

Despite the ongoing narrative that Kaepernick’s very public political views are preventing any NFL teams from offering him a roster spot, TheDC’s source claims Kaep himself has turned down at least one contract in the hopes of stirring up a media frenzy that eventually leads to a more lucrative deal for the 29-year-old vet.

Kaepernick allegedly doesn’t want to make “backup money” and specifically instructed his representative team not to sign one contract offered at theleague’s minimum rate of $900,000 per year for a seventh-year player.

Shortly after the 2017 offseason began, Kaepernick parted ways with XAM Sports — the agency which had represented him since he entered the league in 2011 — and TheDC’s source added that Kaepernick’s girlfriend, outspoken radio host Nessa Diab, appears to be a driving force behind his negotiating tactics.



Anonymous said...

He just needs to go home, sit down in front of the TV and WATCH football instead of being on the field stirring the pot. I hope not one team picks him up.

Anonymous said...

If any team picks him up it will be the end of that team.

Anonymous said...

It's not about race he is an awful player. He had a very difficult time trying to remember the 49ers play book believe me if he was as good a player as he thinks race and personal beliefs would not be an issue

Anonymous said...

Hard to play the race card when every team that turns you down has a 75% black roster. Boo, Hoo, he got your 2 minutes of fame kneeling down for our national anthem, and he's paying the price for that fame. Was it worth it? I bet it wasn't the kind of fame he was looking for when he did it. He should run for public office. I'm sure there's a black constituency out there somewhere that will support his beliefs about our country.

Anonymous said...

Jason Whitlock a black analyst on fox sports said it best. Tim tebow was run out of football for his religious beliefs. Now kaepernick is being treated the same and it's racism. Then the blacks, who are 70% of NFL employees will revolt against the employers right to hire and fire whom they choose, and riot/ burn their own neighborhoods thinking their hurting the NFL and it's owners and management