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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Protest In Charlottesville Virginia Going On Now


Anonymous said...

They are calling this racist, anti-Semitism, hatred, bigotry. Why is it when "white" Americans protest it is called all these hateful descriptions but when "Back" Americans and illegals do the same only with violence it is condoned and sympathy is given? Why are both instances treated the same? Our Constitution gives all this same right? Proves nobody wants to talk unless one particular group gets what they want / demand and one is condemned? Proves the great divide in the US where one side feels privilege to have everything at every one else's expense and they have the right to condemn the other.

Anonymous said...

"They are calling this racist, anti-Semitism, hatred, bigotry"

Because they are self-proclaimed neo-Nazis chanting "Jews won't replace us" and making Nazi salutes? That's why.

I mean, they aren't exactly being subtle here. There are KKK members in full regalia, folks with Adolf Hitler quotes on their t-shirts and others who openly belong to white nationalist groups.

So, yeah, I'm gonna call them racist, anti-Semitic and full of bigotry.