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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Joe- When I meet a company or group of people that I have found to do a great job, and have a lot of heart I believe everyone needs to know about it. Recently I was trying to find a home for an abandoned cat, it was a stressing, hard task as I felt like people cared but no doors were opening. I posted on Facebook, called every organization around this area, and tried all friends but atlas yesterday I received a call from Mary Jane with the Delmarva Cat Connection, and she worked hard and fast to find an excellent temporary home until a forever home could be found. I want to thank everyone with that organization for doing just that and "Goldy" found just such a wonderful temporary home with an angel. These people do exactly what the're passion is and I forever will be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Yes they are wonderful people to deal with. Thank you for caring so much and devoting so much of your time to the needy kitties.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe for all that you do as well. They also called me a number of times to give me an update on "Goldy".