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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Democrats begin to see Pelosi as a 2018 problem

Nancy Pelosi might actually be in trouble.

In a survey of 20 Democratic House candidates, only one – a former Senate staffer from Orange County, California – would state support for the congresswoman staying on as leader of the House Democratic Caucus. Of the rest, 18 declined to say if Pelosi should keep her job, while one, a political newcomer from a culturally conservative Ohio district, said he would vote for someone other than Pelosi.

Their refusal is a remarkable development for an already embattled minority leader, even if other congressional leaders, like Republicans House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, are similarly unpopular in polls. More significant, however, are the implications that the candidates’ refusal carries for next year’s midterm elections.


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Anonymous said...

just NOW seeing it? What the heck HAVE they been smoking???


Anonymous said...

She been a problem. She lies and she is just a foul poor excuse for a human being. She claims to be a Christian but just like all democrats is a lying fake. No such thing as a Christian democrat no matter how much they lie about it. There are no if's and's or but's about it-the democrat platform is the doctrine of satan. It promotes homosexuality and the killing of unborn babies who can live outside the womb even keeping them alive so their little bodies can be sliced open and their organs ripped out of them. Democrats are horrid people-beyond any evil we have ever seen and the skank putrid pelosi is no different.

Anonymous said...

I want her to stay if she is removed it's discrimination and bigotry!

Anonymous said...

Democrat party all about them and not you.