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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Pentagon investigators find ‘security risks’ in government's immigrant recruitment program, ‘infiltration’ feared

Defense Department investigators have discovered “potential security risks” in a Pentagon program that has enrolled more than 10,000 foreign-born individuals into the U.S. armed forces since 2009, Fox News has learned exclusively, with sources on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon expressing alarm over “foreign infiltration” and enrollees now unaccounted for.

After more than a year of investigation, the Pentagon’s inspector general recently issued a report – its contents still classified but its existence disclosed here for the first time – identifying serious problems with Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI), a DOD program that provides immigrants and non-immigrant aliens with an expedited path to citizenship in exchange for military service.

Defense Department officials said the program is still active but acknowledged that new applications have been suspended.


Anonymous said...

Infiltration feared....what a laughable statement!
Try infiltration accomplished undetected - because liberals forced you to hire for diversity and inclusiveness to give jobs to refugees that were operatives!

Try thorough background checks - read their names, country of origins, religion (although slime is a political ideaology), and known affiliations back home - then you'll be able to determine that they should be jailed instead of harboured!

Anonymous said...

Stop hiring non nationals! They are a huge risk for leaks and fraud, there are plenty of patriots here who would kill for a decent goverment job with benefits and won't sell out the USA. There are tons of veterans who need work, hire them!

Gary said...

Anyone else feeling the trend that seems to be uncovered almost every other day now? The Obama administration either totally screwed something up...or money disappeared...or secrets were given away. By the time the current administration takes over each department and reviews the records...Obama will go down as the worst in history.