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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Flooding the Market: How to Stay Safe

Update: The Federal Trade Commission has released a statement with safety guidlines for solar viewing glasses.

If you're planning to view the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, make sure you've got the right safety gear.

Phony eclipse glasses are currently flooding the marketplace, according to the American Astronomical Society (AAS). This counterfeit equipment falsely claims to meet the international standard for safe solar viewing, which is known as ISO 12312-2 (also written as ISO 12312-2:2015).

So how do you know that your eclipse glasses or handheld viewers are safe? You can't really check them yourself; doing so requires pretty high-tech lab equipment. But the AAS has done such legwork for you and identified a number of reputable suppliers, including (but not limited to) American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Celestron and Daystar. You can also trust the businesses and other organizations that sell gear made by these companies, AAS representatives said. (There are many such retailers, including Wal-Mart, Lowes and Toys R Us.) [The Best ISO-Certified Gear to See the 2017 Solar Eclipse]

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lowes is selling cheap eclipse viewing "glasses" made out of paperboard and tinted plastic film, much like the 3-D glasses hand out by movie theaters for 3-D films. I would not even think of looking at the eclipse with those. The blindness that can result from inadequate protection is PERMANENT!

I plan to use my welding helmet. Better safe than sorry (blind!).