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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Man shot Indiana doc because he wouldn't give wife drugs

A man turned a gun on himself after police claim he shot dead a doctor who wouldn't prescribe his wife opioids.

Michael Jarvis, 48, gunned down Dr Todd Graham, 56, in what Indiana officials are describing as a targeted attack on Wednesday.

Jarvis allegedly became upset when Graham wouldn't prescribe his wife opioid painkillers and then later returned to St Joseph Rehabilitation Institute in Mishawaka.

During the confrontation in the center's parking lot, Jarvis shot Graham twice in the head before fleeing the scene and turning the gun on himself, police said.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon after Jarvis and his wife Petra visited Graham at the medical center, reported the South Bend Tribune.

Petra was reportedly a new patient of Graham's and took Jarvis with her to the appointment, looking for a remedy for her pain.

Graham allegedly informed the couple that although Petra did suffer from pain he would not prescribe an opioid painkiller.



Anonymous said...

So now where is his wife? In pain AND without the help of her spouse. Is all common sense lost?

Anonymous said...

When the DEA determines medical practices regarding drugs; yes, all common sense is lost.

(Fear of the DEA prevents a lot of doctors from prescribing what they believe is best.)

Anonymous said...

Let me say upfront that killing anyone is wrong. The doctor admitted she was in pain but would not prescribe anything to give her relief. I can understand they are wary of drug seekers and the like but often times that bleeds over to legitimate patients who need them. And the way some doctors and nurse treat legit patients is also concerning.

I have been treated as a second class citizen multiple times by these kinds of doctors and nurses. I understand they can be between a rock and a hard place but when you have x-rays, MRI's, operations, medical history, etc. it gets a little frustrating, to say the least.

I've been to one pain management place in smallsbury where the nurses faces looked like they were guards at a nazi prison camp.

The many hoops one has to jump through to get relief is crazy but probably necessary because of the ones who ruin it for those of us that have to live with chronic pain. What they do prescribe is never enough and a lot of times you get no sympathy from so called medical professionals, as some think they are doing you a favor by giving you anything.

And then you have the embarrassing urine tests you must endure. Nobody understands or cares unless you have to live it.

So why didn't the doc prescribe something? Because she was a new patient? Because the gov't is looking over his shoulder? I see he was asked to not over prescribe, but does that include not prescribing anything?

Like I said at the beginning killing anyone is wrong, but we don't know what they were put through before this. People snap. Being in constant pain every day will change you.

Anonymous said...

12:01, I have dealt with chronic pain for years in the Salisbury area and have seen them all. In many years I have never witnessed what you are pushing (no pun). Nothing but the best of people and all very professional. Sorry what you have been through, but had to express my experience.

Anonymous said...

August 2, 2017 at 2:16 PM

Good for you. I've had it over 10 years and I've seen them all too. I usually go to a different one when the one I'm at does something I don't like. And you?