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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Monday’s Storm ‘A Frightening Couple Of Minutes’ In Ocean City, WOC

OCEAN CITY — The tornado or microburst that touched down in West Ocean City on Monday evening followed a distinct path and a trail of destruction roughly from the Ocean City Airport through West Ocean City and across the bay to 14th Street and Harbour Island, site of the 44th Annual White Marlin Open on the tournament’s first day.

Shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for much of Worcester County and advised citizens to take shelter immediately. About an hour later, a tornado or microburst, which has not yet been clearly defined by the National Weather Service, impacted the Ocean City Airport in West Ocean City, downing trees and damaging one small airplane.

A large tree upended at the airport, falling on and damaging at least two rental cars belonging to a satellite rental car agency at the facility. In addition, a small plane that had just landed prior to the tornado warning was bounced around on the runway and suffered damage, according to airport manager Jamie Giandomenico. The two men aboard the plane immediately sought shelter upon arrival with the tornado warning posted and the aircraft was not completely secured before the high winds landed in the area.

“It was very, very localized,” he said. “It was super intense for maybe 90 seconds to two minutes. Then, it was gone just like that.”



JoeAlbero said...

I'm sorry but a tree that is TOP HEAVY will topple over during high winds. Many pro active property owners know this, especially on trees like Bradford Pear trees and they will TRIM the tree over the years so it's not susceptible to falling over so easily.

Young people today do not understand MAINTENANCE and UPKEEP. Nor do younger leaders, (like the Boy Mayor) who lack no experience or wisdom. Sorry Folks, I tell it like it is, just like infrastructure and the removal of contaminated soil.

Anonymous said...

Another word that can be used for youngin's today...but is not used by youngin's is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Heck, its not only youngin's either.. .yeah, I'm talking about you - City FAIL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right Joe. Towns around here do not do a good job of enforcing proper maintenance and upkeep of properties.

Anonymous said...

No family unit (no fathers) lessons to be passed down. It is difficult for some of the generation coming behind us because fathers just took off to have a good time and never took time like fathers of boomers did with their sons and daughters. And that is probably the whole reason there is so much divorce today....taught to them by fathers who could not be bothered. Even some decent young men need tutoring when it comes to upkeep and such. We are an older couple in a neighborhood that has become younger with sales....we don't assume the kids are lazy....we try to pass on wisdom when any opportunity presents itself. And most of the time the the families are very happy and adopt you like you are their older parents or grandparents. Happy to help!!